Privacy Policy

Privacy and Confidentiality Statement

Dublin Design Institute acknowledges that we gather sensitive information about our site users. We see this as a great responsibility and have prepared this statement to demonstrate our commitment to keeping all information gathered about our members absolutely confidential.

Data Protection Act

Dublin Design Institute holds information on members in accordance with current Data Protection legislation, and will adhere to any other relevant future legislation in this area. Under this legislation, members can obtain a copy of all information which Dublin Institute of Design has on its databases in relation to them. Members wishing to obtain such information should contact us directly on +353 (0)1 6790286.

Use of Information

Dublin Design Institute uses information to process your requests, provide you with our courses, programmes, services, materials and products and otherwise to contact you. We also may provide you with promotional materials about our services and products. Dublin Institute of Design may also contact you in relation to Open Events and other related information that may be of interest to you via the email address or/and contact number provided.

Membership Duration

Information shall be retained by Dublin Design Institute for the duration of an individual’s membership. Membership is for an indefinite period but may be terminated at the members request by contacting Dublin Design Institute.

Public Forum

This site may from time to time make available, chat rooms, forums, message boards, and similar media for members to express views and ideas. It should be noted that information posted to these areas becomes public information and Dublin Design Institute advises that no personal details should be disclosed in such areas.

Questions and Answers

If this privacy policy fails to address any issue you may have in this are, please contact us at +353 (0)1 6790286 for further details.