8 Week Certificate in Revit & Building Information Modelling (L2)

Course Description

This 8week course will provide you with a comprehensive set of skills and knowledge that is quickly becoming industry-standard throughout the construction industry. The course is led by an experienced professional who shares insights and best practices from industry through special tips & tricks, interactive sessions in each class. 

This course has been shortlisted by Irish Construction Excellence Awards in the Third Level Special Purpose category. 

Please be aware that although this course is open to everyone, it does not focus on Revit MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing).

Course Content

To win work, practitioners must up-skill their existing workforce, and ensure that they hire suitably qualified staff. Level 2 BIM, which is now industry-standard in Ireland, requires design teams and contractor teams to collaborate efficiently. To achieve this, all team members must comply with the British Standard BS1192:2007 – Collaborative Production of Architectural, Engineering and Construction Information. 

The course delivers this skill set, starting at the very beginning. This is a fast-moving course, so applicants should already have some familiarity with drafting software such as Revit or AutoCAD. 

Please be aware that although this course is open to everyone, it does not focus on Revit MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing). 

  • Procedures for Set-Up
  • Navigation and Use of Tool Bars
  • System Families
  • Component Families
  • Views
  • Site Modelling
  • Work Sharing
  • Project Application

Participants are expected to have a basic knowledge of computers.

Course Content
Procedures for Set-Up

Beginning with the basics we start by covering some simple processes like: What fundamental theory we need to know before opening a Revit file and How to open a Revit file correctly.

Navigation and Use of Tool Bars
Once we open a file, we then need to know what we see on screen. The user interface is covered in detail to know exactly where to look on screen to find what it is we are looking for. Navigating the software becomes familiar and easier this way.
System Families
With the fundamentals covered we start modelling in 3D. Elements such as Walls, Floors, Ceilings, Roofs; All examples of system families. With this we will have modelled a complete building.
Component Families
Modelling progressively more detail, we model in 3D loose furniture to fill our building. Examples such as tables and chairs.

With the building modelled in 3D we then start generating different views from that 3D model. Creating floor plans, sections, elevations. And how to use these most effectively.

Site Modelling

Furthermore, expanding the detail in 3D external site works to surround our building is modelled. Landscaping, roads, vehicles and tress.

Work Sharing

Covering here the process of how to work as a team member in an office environment sharing 1 Revit model between multiple staff members. The do’s and the do nots.

Project Application
At the end of the course the project work that was progressed weekly throughout the course is sent to the tutor for grading.
Admissions requirements

Applicants aged under 23 must have successfully completed the Leaving Cert / comparable secondary school examination, or hold another qualification at Level 5 or higher on the National Framework for Qualifications (NFQ).  

Matureapplicants are welcome and highly valued at our Institute. We have a robust policy in place to support mature learners, for more information on our approach, please contact our Admissions Team by email at admissions@dublindesign.ie or by telephone on 01 6790286.  

Language Requirements

We welcome international students to our courses. If English is not your first language, evidence of proficiency is required. This can be provided through an IELTS or TOEFL language test: Level 5.5 in the IELTS Test or a score of 70 on the TOEFL ibT test.


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be awarded a Dublin Design Institute (DDI) Certificate in Revit & Level 2 Building Information Modelling. 

Progression Options

This course has been structured to allow students advance their studies with DDI.  Upon successful completion of this course, students may progress into our 1-year  Higher National Certificate (HNC) in Interior Design.  

We encourage our students to look at our short courses as a pathway to other options and courses as well as nationally accredited and internationally recognised degree programmes in Graphic and Interior Design.

For more information on our courses, please check our Course Finder [Enter Button here]. 

Career Opportunities    

This 8-week course allows you to explore the profession of construction project management, providing you with knowledge, insights and practical skills to apply to your projects. This course is intended to help you experienced professionals up-skill or to add an additional skillset to your CV in line with what is considered as industry standard in BIM environments.  

Practical Matters         

Once you have registered for a course, additional information will be provided to you in our ‘Enrolled Student Information Packs’. This pack includes reading lists, materials lists and any other course specific information or equipment that may be required.    

As this course is taking place online, please make sure you have access to a computer or laptop, Wi-Fi and that you can access Microsoft Teams. 

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At a Glance

Start Date Monday 5th July 2022 (Evening)
Saturday 9th July 2022 (Day)
Duration 8 weeks 
Study Mode Part-Time Day (PTD)
Part-Time Evening (PTE)
Delivery Mode Part-Time Day: Online
Part-Time Evening: Online
Class Schedule Saturdays Online: 10.00am – 5.00pm
Mon & Wed Online: 6.00 – 9.00pm
Fees €750
Accreditation Dublin Design Institute Certificate in Revit & Level 2 Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Student Work

Student Work